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Iden Parish Council Publication of Information Scheme

Iden Parish Council endeavours to make information regarding the council easily available from this website. However, should any elector wish for additional information to that published, this can be simply attained by contacting the Parish Clerk in writing, detailing the information sought. Information sought in hard copy (paper) of substantial size may be charged at cost and postage. The Clerk will advise of any charge which will be due prior to the information being sent out.

Contact the Parish Clerk

To be paid in advance

Black and white A4 page – 20p per page

Colour A4 page – 50p per page

Disc – cost of disc

Memory Stick – cost of stick

Costs for other page sizes to be advised at the time

Access requests are now free

For further information please consult our Publication of Information Scheme document:

Iden Parish Council Publication of Information Scheme

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