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Iden  Emergency Group

Did You Know!


  • In the event of a hose pipe ban, you may be exempt from this.


Follow the link to South East Water to find out

Exempt customers:

Current Blue Badge Holders, and our customers on our Priority Services Register and WaterSure Tariff on the grounds of disability and medical requirements, are exempt from the ban.

However, we ask all customers to use water wisely. 

0800 952 4000. We are here to help Monday to Friday between 8am - 7pm.


  • You can receive alerts from South East Water and the UK Power network


Go to South East Water website. Click on Interactive map. Register for alerts by entering your post code.

Once set up, you will know within hours when the water supply is interrupted.



During a power cut UK Power networks can text you letting you know how the repairs are going and give you an estimated time that your power will be back on.

Text Power and your postcode to 80876, for example: Power IP3 8AQ.        

Their number is 0800 31 63 105

Iden Community Resilience plan is can be view here

Weather Disruption Action Plan

Water Disruption Action Plan           

 Electricity Failure Action Plan

What ICE does - Click here to read  
Committee members - Click here to see these



Weather Disruption Action Plan                                                                                                

Water Disruption Action Plan 


 Electricity Failure Action Plan

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